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Ekatmik Vikas Sanstha, EVS

Ekatmik Vikas Sanstha (Integrated Development Society) is a pioneering organization in the Conservation of the Environment, Horticulture and Agriculture, Tribal Development, and Management of Natural Resources.

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- To sensitize all the stakeholders on the importance of naturalresources management, flora-fauna, rehabilitation of degraded sites andempower them to contribute to sustainable development.- To build capacities of the women, Project Affected families, tribalcommunities & Marginalized Groups in order to promote their empowerment and self-reliance to secure long-term well-being.
To achieve such development that is: - Socially acceptable, economically viable - Environmentally sound, Effective in impact, Equitable Addressing the needs and rights of the: Project Affected Communities, children, tribal women, and marginalized sections, etc.

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